About Me

Just a fairly normal skinny girl who likes to lurk around the interwebs. She is the president of a nation and she proudly named it "Procrasti Nation."

WARNING: I could possibly be one of the kindest or cruelest person you will ever meet.

A passionate kid for my interests, I am more likely to scream, "I GOT NOTHING TO READ!!! than cry, "I've got nothing to wear!" I put books where my clothes should be. A real (and creepy) book fetish at that. LOL

I live my entire life down the rabbit hole in the company of dragons, elves, dwarfs, hobbits, wizards and fairies while (still) waiting for my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter to arrive.

Sucker for cinnamon rolls, chocolates, long-drives and feel-good music.

I talk and write in English and/or Filipino and sometimes Gibberish, Mermish and Parseltongue too (depending on the phase of the moon though. Hah!)

Sorry, but I do not believe in second chances; I believe in chances until you get it right. (Career-wise 'to ah! Hmm!)

So yeah, this is basically me in a nutshell.

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