About Me

Hi, I'm Mae!

I'm a nurse by profession and a bibliophile by heart. I'm not really good at giving introductions but let me tell you what this is all about...

Inkblots and Coffee Stains is my little space in the cyberworld. I started this blog because I think I already moved on from writing on my journal to just typing on this blog. Maybe because it was a little more comfortable to me. Or maybe it's easier for me to remain anonymous on the internet. To be honest, I really don't know. All I know is that blogging have always been some sort of a catharsis for me. I don't write fancy stuff. I don't play with words. I just like to process my thoughts and write about it. When my emotions/thoughts are too much, it spill and I need something/somewhere to put all the spilled pieces and yeah that's basically the purpose of this blog.

Language/s: Filipino or English, sometimes a mix of both

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