Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An award for what???

NOTE: I accidentally opened by old tumblr account and I saw that I have 2 drafts. The first one was a book review and the second was about an unusual dream I had that I totally forgot about. I decided to share it here:

I was attending an awarding ceremony (it looked a lot like my clinical graduation) and I, myself, was one of the awardees. The facilitator asked us to form a line so that we can go up the stage properly and orderly. I was so excited to receive my award! I waited for my turn and when the emcee called my name, I walked up the stage gracefully (despite the fact that my feet hurt because of the high-heeled shoes I am wearing) and proudly with my head held up high, completely aware of my proud family watching me go up the stage. I was like, “This is it! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for!” As I finally reached the center of the stage, I realized that the person giving the awards was a student - a student younger than me. Her face wasn’t familiar but she was wearing our college’s uniform. Flashing my biggest smile, I met her at the center of the stage. She gave me my award. A certificate. I haven’t read about the citation but what caught my attention was the Tagalog words written along the edges of the certificate. Words like “mayabang”, “hindi makatao”, and “mayaman kasi” were written there, screaming to my face. I was shocked! WTF! Was this really my award? So, in a trying-to-be-calm voice, I asked the student,