Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


When obsessed university student Victor Frankenstein finds the secret of animating dead flesh, he tries to create the first of a master race, stitching rotting corpses into a superhuman giant. Then the ghastly thing opens its hideous, soulless eyes and Frankenstein flees into the night, shrieking with horror–

Leaving a being who wants love and finds hate, wants friends and finds enemies, wants another and finds no one. Frankenstein is its father, mother, maker and living god, and Frankenstein has abandoned his own monster to a living hell of unutterable isolation. But now, unstoppable, the creature means to get revenge for having been born–

Not by killing its creator…but by destroying everything holds dear, and everyone Frankenstein loves…

GENRE: Classic, Horror, Sci-Fi

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do you ever just want to move somewhere new where no one knows who you are and start all over again?

I’ve been thinking about this since I was in high school. There is always that unspoken dream of moving to a new place, very far from where I am now (probably in a new continent but that’s too ambitious na haha) so that I can start all over again. Rewind and delete everything that is wrong in my life (my choices and decisions mostly.) I want to be in that “new” place where I can be who I want to be and not what others expect me to be. I want to be somewhere living life to the fullest, achieving great things, meeting extraordinary people, and travelling to places I only read about in books.


I’m stuck in this little, horrid place where everything is ugly and everything hurts. And I’m probably stuck in this forever.


I suddenly realized just now (and by now I mean “while I’m typing this nonsense blog entry”) that the phrase you only live once is true. I CAN ONLY LIVE ONCE and I cannot start over again! I cannot delete my past. All I have is what I have now and it will be my choice to make the most out of it. I cannot start over again but sure I can make new experiences, new memories and a better future.